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Industrial Electric Furnaces

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Industrial Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are gaining popularity in the industry because, unlike gas furnaces, they do not emit greenhouse gases and only heat the air within the internal chamber. In their construction, various types of heat-resistant materials are used. An enclosed space holds the materials, gas, or air being heated until the temperature is reached, which is measured by an external sensor. Electric furnaces are used in glass, automotive, electric component, heat treatment, etc. Depending on the method of heat generation, there are three types of electrical furnaces:

(1)Induction Heating Furnace

An induction furnace is an electrical furnace that uses induction heating to generate heat. Induction furnaces melt iron and steel, copper, aluminum, and precious metals and have capacities ranging from less than one kilogram to one hundred tonnes.

(2)Resistance Heating Furnace

An electric furnace in which heat is produced by conductors that resist the passage of a current through them Resistance furnaces are widely used in heat treatment, particularly for heating prior to pressure shaping and drying or melting materials.

(3)Arc furnace

Arc furnaces are electric furnaces that generate heat by creating an arc between carbon electrodes above the surface of the material being heated (usually metal)

Advantages of Industrial Electric Furnaces

The steel structure of refractory construction is strong and stable Durable refractory designs with high thermal shock resistance capacity for furnace cars We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that electricity consumption is kept to a minimum.